iPads in Elementary with Beth Holland and Kristen Wideen Part 3

I’m back inside after a nice walk outside in San Diego….

Rearrange your classroom to suit your learners’ needs as we did to start our PM session. We took time to explore Explain Everything. Next, we wanted to share our Explain Everything’s with each other. We could use Air Drop (iPad 3 or newer) or share with each other using a Dongle. Tap and hold on the play button to play your entire Explain Everything.

Think about Explain Everything as digital paper. Sometimes, if you ask students to write an explanation, they write 3 words, but if you ask them to tell you about it, they can tell you a lot. What about the student who doesn’t like to make mistakes? How could screencasting benefit that student?

Try accessing prior knowledge, as with a KWL, through Explain Everything. Bring a PDF of a graphic organizer, into Explain Everything, and complete the PDF. Then use text and pen tools to write, or just add audio. Analyze the work to drive the instruction and students could again add a second video after a period of time.

When sharing a PDF with students, it allows them to use the “open in” feature to import it into Notability, Screen Chomp, or other apps that are provided to students. Then students can explain their learning and thinking.

We used Today’s Meet to share our thoughts about different apps for screencasting. Each one offers something different for students. Ask yourself “What is the objective?” In addition, teachers can create screencasts and share them through QR codes with students.

Let’s create something else….ebooks.

Anything in iBooks in text can be heard. Audio and video can be embedded in eBooks. Book Creator could be used for curation of learning . A curator creates an experience. Our students are creating, to show evidence of learning.

Book creator provides a simple interface for the creation of books. Record the narration and type the story. Embed video into your book. Use the share arrow and open in iBooks. Now, students could have the text read to them. Create books about books, where students make personal connections to literature. A bonus, Book Creator does not need an internet connection.

Now, we could take the book creator project and put it into Evernote. Evernote holds the ePub file with a question mark. It holds the file but it can’t be viewed within Evernote.  However, you can make any notebook (file/note) into a web link in Evernote. Have students publish their work to a PadLet wall by posting the link.

Croak.it is an iPhone app that creates a 30 second audio file. Speaking Photo is another option that saves to the camera roll. PicCollage also saves to the camera roll. There are lots of great options, but as teachers we should focus on what you want the students to do….

Learning, sharing, collecting, curating,….shows cognitive growth. Learning is achieved. Have students….Collect, Relate, Create, Donate to show evidence of their learning.


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