iPads in Elementary with Beth Holland and Kristen Wideen

What’s the value of giving students digital content?

Today, anything that’s digital can be heard, can be changed, can be shared, and can be made larger. It can be accessed anywhere, and be updated.

In Chrome on a laptop, there is a icon/button in which a QR code can be created for any website, quickly and easily. Students could scan with their device, or use the shortened URL it provides. The button is called the goo.gl. on the toolbar. This is an excellent way to easily share content quickly.

I love the term “sharearrow” for the icon that allows you to share the content or add it as a bookmark on your home screen. This allows easy access for elementary students. I have used this and found it to be a valuable tool.

Socrative is a student response tool which allows students to respond to the teachers questions. Beth created a “space race” for the participants to engage in, in groups of 4. In groups, we answered the questions together. The space rockets moved across the screen in the front while the teams answered the questions. We reviewed the features of iPads and iOS in groups. This activity facilitated a discussion in groups about the questions that were asked. Socrative offers an exportable spreadsheet in which you can analyze student responses. In addition, teachers can share the quizzes.

Some of the most powerful iOS features are the accessibility features. Wow! The speak feature will work with most apps, but not Google docs. Bummer! The reader button, to the left of the web address allows the web page to be cleaned up, and focuses on the content of the page. This is great for distracted readers. Triple tapping the home button locks the iPad into 1 app. This is called guided access. You can enable a passcode for unlocking guided access. This would be valuable to teach older students how to lock, to focus themselves and use with younger students to focus on one app.

An iPad is not a laptop. An iPad is not a teacher. Amen to that! It’s about what you and your students can do, not what the iPad can do….
Up next…
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